What’s the Deal with 2012?

Welcome to 2012 The Real Deal. I know there’ s a lot of information floating around out in cyberspace about the upcoming end of time date December 21, 2012. Well I’m here to clear up all the confusion. I am a school librarian, and I’m passionate about the Maya, so I hope you will tell your young friends to visit my posts to find out about this fascinating topic, and especially about the Ancient Maya. They’re the people who first started talking about this date and got all the hype going.

The Maya calendar is the root of all this excitement. So, first things first. Today’s date is January 3, 2010, according to our calendar, but the Maya had a whole different way of keeping track of the date and that’s the root of the whole problem.

Today in the Maya Calendar is 1 Ik, 15 K’anK’in, or 1 Wind, 15 Yellow Sun. Just as some of the days of our  week are named for old Norse gods, each day of the Maya calendar is watched over and named for a different god. Each one is different so check back soon for an explanation of how the calendar and all these gods worked together to keep the universe in order.

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