So Maybe the Maya weren’t actually all that worried, after all

This recently announced discovery in Guatemala will, hopefully, calm some of the fears. Not even the kings who talked about the 2012 Solstice Date thought anyone needed to worry. Read about the New Maya 2012 Inscription found in Guatemala at  Spread the word. You can stop stock-piling canned goods.

The more amazing thing about this ancient culture, though to my mind, is the precision with which they mapped the stars and planets. Imagine what the night sky looked like to them. When you live in a light-soaked city, it’s hard to visualize how densely packed the stars are. But the scribes and priests of the Maya could accurately follow the movements in the sky of a single, tiny point of light and they built an entire calendar around what they saw. That is no easy feat.

So if you are up early in the next few weeks (July 2012), you just might be able to spot The Morning Star (Venus, the star of Hun Hunahpu, one of the Hero Twins’ fathers) as it makes its way up from the underworld before the sun. Enjoy the show.

And the Maya did this all with no calculators, telescopes or computers. Is it any wonder people find them so fascinating?


About 2012therealdeal

I am a writer and a school librarian who has a passion for all things Maya.
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